Maluku Membangun Negeri

Maluku Membangun Negeri

“The¬†Moluccas is our hometown and will always have a special place in our heart. We promise to develop it in better way with 1000 resorts”

-Lukas Pattinasarany-

About Us

Maluku Membangun is a movement from the people of Maluku itself collaborating with the region kings. This idea was initiated by an Ambonese named Lukas Pattinasarany who has long been in Hawaii and Bali as a developer.The idea he offers is to build the city of Ambon with 1000 resorts program, organize the city as the entrance of tourism industry and build the monument as the icon of Maluku.

The magnitude of his desire to develop his motherland has finally made the kings and the locals moved to work together to develop their respective villages under PT.Maluku Membangun Negeri. Currently,Maluku Membangun is starting its pilot project at Waai area for Waii Town House and will proceed to other areas in Maluku.


Property Developer

Maluku Membangun Negeri offers property developer service as according to the initial mission is to develop Maluku to a better future. Our team consists of professional architects and contractors.

Property Management

We are here not only as a developer, we are more than that. We consist of experienced tourism industry players who have managed some properties in Bali. As soon as any housing or resorts project that we are developing is done, we promise to manage it under one management system to satisfy and comfort those buyers or guests during their stay period.

Training Center

While waiting for developing process in Maluku, we also give a chance for the locals to join our training program in Bali. Our training center named Puri Anaya Villas will be the location for 6 months training program. The instructors will train them well and will make sure that they will be ready to join the tourism industry and develop their motherland as soon as they pass this program.


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